KwickScreen Duo – The Total Privacy Solution

Creating private and dignified spaces adaptable to multiple uses

Following the introduction of the KwickScreen Pro and KwickScreen Air, the third addition to our patient privacy screen collection is the KwickScreen Duo.  Combining the flexibility and lightness of the Air, with the portability of the Pro, for ultimate privacy partitioning.

The Duo is comprised of two panels that pull out from a central base. Each panel has a full 180 degree range of movement, and extend up to 3m. The screen can be manipulated to create an L-shape to fit around a bed or any obstruction, or pulled out to a fully extended 6m width. With no aluminium extrusion casing the unit has minimal footprint.

Four customisable sides are available on the Duo, and our image catalogue, specifically our collections section, is designed to help you choose complimentary sides.

KwickScreens can be used in any public space, workplace or healthcare:


Used across many different healthcare environments to improve the patient experience and transform spaces. Our partitions have multiple benefits for clinical environments, including increased privacy & dignity, improved infection control, and bringing the healing benefits of art.

Public Spaces:

As public areas become more open plan, reconfigurable, multi-use spaces are in high demand. With our partitions you can reconfigure your space to suit your requirements. Whether you need privacy for gym classes, emergency screening in airports, or simply to segment open spaces, at KwickScreen we have the solution for you.


Workplaces are more flexible than ever, and the need to divide space quickly and easily is a daily occurrence. With KwickScreen partitions you can divide your space efficiently, and with the flexibility modern workplaces require.

If you would like more information or to trial the KwickScreen Duo or Pro, please contact our customer service team.

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